Check, Repair, Replace, Relax

Check and be safe

Your caravan is your home away from home. That is to say that things won’t go perfectly – and these tips might help to make your life on the road easier.

Extended travelling (caravanning) usually means extended preventative maintenance before you leave, thus ensuring a trouble-free journey. Many of these tasks are merely check points and can be done by you, but if in doubt your local caravan service man should become involved.

Check – repair – replace – relax
…sums up the situation that awaits the thinking traveller.

  • Check tyres on car and caravan by looking for uneven wear pattern or flat spots. Check for normal wear.
  • Brakes, seals and total braking ability. Don’t forget spares.
  • Check and adjust if needed – springs, shackles, and U bolts.
  • 12 volt wiring – inspect loom or cable condition, also plug and socket.
  • 240 volt power cables – inspect for damage to plugs and cable.
  • Gas bottles – Are they still within the expiry date stamped on bottle?
  • If you get a puncture on your van, can you jack it up sufficient to change a wheel? Does the spare fit? Where is the wheel brace?
  • Is your tow vehicle up to the task of a long haul? Hills often mean over heating, particularly in hot weather. Check radiators and transmission and engine oil coolers.
  • Look underneath at your water tank/s, connections and mountings.
  • Check insect screens for holes or damage.
  • Of course you have a smoke alarm, but does it need new batteries?

Buy and store in the van:

  • A full set of wheel bearings and seals and wheel bearing grease.
  • Spare 12 volt light globes (a copy of the van wiring diagram is handy to have).
  • Spare 240 volt globe.
  • 100 ft/31m, 3 core extension lead (15 amp) – 20m for local conditions.
  • Ant repellent.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • A sheet of “contact” – self adhesive sheet, the size of the biggest window.
  • Fire blanket & fire extinguisher (fully charged) – stored close to the door.
  • Chemicals for chemical toilet.
  • Break down triangles. (2)
  • Personal items: whistle, torch, spare caravan key, umbrella, mobile phone charger, note book: to record last minute “things to be done”.

Check also..

  • Caravan and tow vehicle insurance cover until you return?
  • Caravan tow vehicle registration – cover until you return?
  • Drivers’ licence(s) – current for the duration of your trip?
  • House and contents insurance – be aware of the sixty day absentee clause – cover for peace of mind whilst away.
  • Leave contact details with either family, neighbour, friend or police.