State Rally 2023 Pingelly Registration

Registration is underway.

Registration is open to all current members of ACCWA affiliated clubs.

Complete the registration form, email it to our Treasurer/Registrar at and transfer to the appropriate fees to the bank account on the form.

Our original plan was to do registrations once we had the majority of items in place. This has turned out to be impractical due the number of travelers heading to Barmara as well the time it will take to organize items such as pre-ordered meals and to determine the activities planned by the Pingelly Shire for their October festival. There was also a request for caravanners to be able to preregister for the event.

It was therefore decided that we would start registration without all the other details normally associated with a State Rally.

The registration form therefore only contains enough information for you to nominate your intention to attend the rally and pay the appropriate fee for attendance.

About 2 months prior to the event, so sometime in late July or early August, you will receive further information asking if you want to:

  • attend the ACCWA delegates meeting to be held on the Thursday evening of the rally. This is so we know how many to cater for and have the right amount of seating.
  • participate in the van weighing service and to select a suitable time and day, either Thursday or Friday. The cost will be $50 but you will need to select a time and can’t go on the oval until it has been done. We don’t want vans moving on and off the oval to save potential damage.
  • pre-order a meal for the Saturday night. Menus will be provided when these have been determined.

There will be other questions that will evolve as we approach the date.