Concord Caravanners

Concord Caravanners of W.A was formed in June 2011 following interest expressed at the Caravan and Camping Show earlier that year. Our membership is not restricted to any particular area and we have members from north of the river to Mandurah as well as some country towns.

Following the formation of the club in June we developed a Constitution which has recently been updated and approved and we are now an incorporated body under the new Act. We encourage young families with children to ensure the club continues strongly into the future we and already have a number of young family members. The club has a Management Committee which meets once a month and consists of member’s who organise the various rallies and entertainment etc.

Whilst the club was formed in 2011 our President and some Committee members have over 30 years’ experience in caravan clubs. Other members have various caravanning experience, so we have a great mix of caravanning experience within our club from a group who are always willing and able to help other club members if they might require help or advice. Including a number with first aid certificates.

Our motto is “Friendship & Harmony”, and we welcome people of all ages who are looking for a good relaxing time on our club rallies. These are held monthly, normally around a long weekend as some people are still working or have school aged children. Although, it is common for our retired members to extend their time away by a few days before and/or after the official rally to do their own thing.

There is no requirement to attend any particular number of rallies and members can attend as many or as few as their particular situation allows. Often, we will have a ‘Theme” for a rally” i.e. “Australia Day “and a bit of light entertainment to make the rally fun, relaxing and enjoyable.

A newsletter is sent out after each outing and copies of these are on our website. All correspondence to members is done electronically to avoid paper wastage, postage costs etc. and to get information out to members quickly. We want to be a professional and modern club.

To become a member, we ask that you attend two rallies with your caravan to see if the format suits your needs. Following your two rallies, and if you wish to proceed with membership of the club you will be asked to complete a membership form. Once you agree to join there is a one off $50 nomination fee and a $40 annual subscription fee per membership.

We are a fun-loving club and would love like-minded people to join our great bunch of members already having a good time at our club rallies and functions.

IT IS OUR POLICY NOT TO ALLOW PETS. Other than this policy we have no other restrictive conditions, and our rallies are relaxing, friendly, and very informal.

If you have any questions or wish to visit one of our rallies please contact our Membership Officer or any of the Committee members listed on the website. As they would be more than happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.

Club Details

  • Secretary: Robert Thomas
  • Phone: 9457 5281
  • Email:
  • Club Base is Metro / Mandurah. Family Friendly. No Pets.
  • Membership is Open.