Getting started

What is a caravan club?

A group of caravan/recreational vehicle owners with an interest in travelling one weekend or some weekdays in every month. Usually this involves travelling up to 200km to a caravan park, hall/oval or bush campsite. Often the destination is chosen for a particular feature, such as a beach or to coincide with a local festival.

Many club members purchased their caravan for that one “big trip” around this great country. On return, the caravan often sat in the backyard or storage and was only being used once or twice a year for annual holidays.

One way of breaking this cycle is to join a caravan club through the Association of Caravan Clubs WA Inc. and attend caravan club rallies with friends.

How do we get to the destination?

Caravanners make their own way or travel with other members to the rally venue.

Generally, the rally officially starts late Friday afternoon and continues to the conclusion at morning tea on Sunday (or Monday on a long weekend.) Some choose to arrive a few days earlier than the “Official” rally and/or leave a few days later if time is available.

What happens at a rally?

On either the Friday night or Saturday morning the club president welcomes everyone to the rally. Often clubs organise evening entertainment, and if there is a festival or show in the town, members are encouraged to attend the associated activities. On other occasions entertainment may vary according to members imaginations.

The myriad of activities may include sausage sizzles, combined group meals, restaurant visits, car rallies, games evenings, film shows, fancy dress events, sports events, bike rides, dancing and card games. Attendance is optional but always fun. For many, the daily happy hour is the time to have a chat and get to know your fellow travellers. At most rallies there is at least one shared meal or lunch or dinner at either a hotel or Café or at the camp kitchen.

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Clubs generally hold regular monthly rallies travelling throughout the state. Most club rallies are over 2  or 3 days. Club members gather to enjoy each others company, participate in games and crafts, enjoy walks and explore local communities and museums.

State Rallies

Every 2 years ACCWA, the State caravan association, holds a state rally and all members of the association are invited to attend. The rallies are usually held over the September long weekend. At the rally members have the chance to socialise with members of other clubs, participate in inter-club games, enjoy evening social music and dance as well as explore the location where the rally is being held.

National Rallies 

Additionally every 3 years the NACC, the National Association of Caravan Clubs, all holds a National rally and all affiliated clubs and members are invited to attend. These National rallies are  rotated around the Australian States and territories. These rallies are held over about 10 days.

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