Disk Bowls

Fun and curiously competitive

Disc Bowls is a fun and curiously competitive game that caravanners all over the state love to enjoy.

We have provided you with a copy of the rules and also a score sheet.  Click on the links to open in a separate window.

ACCWA has adopted the International rules for disk bowls and encourages all clubs to acquire the appropriate disc bowls sets. ACCWA will use these rules in all interclub competitions.

Disk Bowls International Rules  – This link provides the rules as provided by Disk Bowls International

Disk Bowl Rules Abridged. – This document reformats the original Disk Bowls International version to fit onto two pages instead of the original four. No rules have changed however in the original there is a duplication between sections 3. h)-j) and 4. e)-g) that relate to a drawn game. In the abridged version the duplication has been removed and only rules 3. h)-j) are present. 

Rule adjustment

With these rules ACCWA has introduced some local variations intended to make the playing and officiating of the game less complex. All players should aware of the complete rule set should they be in a position to compete in a much stricter competition. At all times those engaging in a game should ensure they check the rules that are being used at any game or event.

The ACCWA variation relates to :

  • Rule 7 f) and g) which are about out of turn throws and out of play discs
    • The intent of these rules are maintained however the replacement of discs to the original position prior to the throw is removed. While it is desirable that this be done it is considered to be an extremely onerous position to place the officials in and could lead to potential disputes. With this it is considered sufficient that the offending disc is removed from the play area.

Disk Bowls Scoresheet