Rally Facilities


  • Power.
    • Some power will be available for those with medical support requirements. This will need to be specified on the registration form.
    • Generators for short time use will be permitted for intermittent daytime use on the oval. The oval grass will need to be protected by a board or mat.
    • Generators for longer time use of generators will have a separate area.
  • Water
    • Attendees are expected to arrive with full water tanks.
    • Permanent direct connection to the water supply will not be provided.
    • Water will be available for casual connection to top up tanks via temporary water pipes.
  • Dump Point
    • A dump point is available on site and a second dump point is available in town.
    • The dump point on site may not have the capacity for all vans over the weekend. Attendees are encouraged to make maximum use PRACC facilities to minimis the need to use the dump point.
  • Sullage
    • Can be run onto the oval. A “sock” will be provided to fit over the sullage hoses and must be used to prevent scraps being left on the oval.