Silver Possums Caravan Club

The Silver Possums Caravan Club Inc. is a Perth based Club which has been going approximately 4 years. We are a small club with a maximum of 25 vans and have some vacancies available.

 Our Club Values (as listed below) were created by our Club Members to support the diverse mix of cultures, nationalities and ages, and to promote our desire to travel with, and enjoy our caravans.

 Values – Silver Possums Caravan Club Inc.

  • Respect – It is important to Members that cooperation, building trust and supporting a happy environment are demonstrated by all Members at the Club. This value is important to consider when planning, decision making and interacting with others.
  •  Friendship – Friendship and companionship are important to our Members, getting involved, supporting and caring for each other.
  • Building Knowledge – An opportunity for Members to increase and share their knowledge of safe and effective caravanning, resulting in building confidence and understanding of key maintenance, safety and the legal aspects of caravanning.
  • Humour / Fun – Having fun and a variety of enjoyable activities such as; happy hour, shared meals, fun activities and games, that all help to build relationships and companionship.
  •  Spirit of Adventure – Having the opportunity to travel with others, being adventurous, exploring new places. Caravanning more regularly, getting out of the City and enjoying a getaway.

 Getting Together

We generally have a weekend rally once a month (we try to keep costs low and usually get a discount for Members from Caravan Parks, however, during peak season sometimes this is difficult. We also like to include at least two “Tag Along” Rallies per year, where we visit a number of destinations over a two week period. A “Tag Along” allows us to include some free camping along the way whilst enjoying several touristy type attractions, local hospitality and Club initiated activities.

During the rallies, our Members enjoy daily happy hours, companionship, play games, enjoy and explore tourist attractions, fishing, exploring the surrounding attractions (e.g. wineries, café’s and bakeries, beaches, gorges, granite rocks, etc.) and maybe a bit of shopping to help the local economy. With everything going on there isn’t much chance of being bored, however, our Members can do as much, or as little, as they like on a rally, so if that equates to an afternoon nap, or visiting friends, that’s OK too. We are looking for active and adventure seeking semi or fully retired new members to join us as we continue to grow and enjoy our caravanning adventures throughout this marvellous State of ours.


If you would like to get to know us better, please contact us and we are happy for you to join us as a guest at a Rally. Our Membership process requires that all new prospective Members attend at least two rallies (or more) before applying for Membership. This gives you a chance to see if you like us, as a Club, and whether our Club is a good fit for you.


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