State Rally 2017 York New Club Participation

Members from four proposed new caravan clubs were given delegates and Association approval to attend the State Rally in York. Participants from the Barking Gumnuts (soon to affiliate), Silver Possums, Silver Wattles and the most recent new group, the proposed Coromal Windsor Caravan Club of WA, had thirteen vans join in the fun and activities as Redgum Caravanners guests, making a total of 26 vans approximately 25 per cent of the rally’s total attendees. Great job Redgummers and our newbies!

State rally committee members are to be congratulated for a memorable and enjoyable event. The parking marshals in particular did a great job on a wet, windy Friday.

Early Starters! On Thursday, 17 newbie and Redgummers vans parked at the Greenhills Tavern carpark and in the evening enjoyed another great meal in the splendid dining room.  A tight squeeze for 34 people.  A great night!


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