State Rally 2023 Location – Pingelly

The 2023 State Rally will be held in Pingelly at the Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre (PRACC) from Thu Oct 12 to Mon Oct 16.

Pingelly is a town and shire located in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 158 kilometres from Perth via the Brookton and Great Southern Highways.

In 1846 the first farming leases were established in the Pingelly area when shepherds took up leases around freshwater springs. Incomes were supplemented by cutting sandalwood trees, hunting kangaroos and stripping mallet bark to tan leather. A permanent settlement was established around 1860 and the town was gazetted in 1898.

Pingelly was named after the Aboriginal word ‘Pingeculling’ meaning ‘small gully of water’. The attractive town offers a rare insight into Western Australia’s pioneering history.

The Pingelly Shire is a rich and diverse farming area and contributes greatly to the State’s wool and grain exports. The surrounding areas produce wheat and other cereal crops. The town is a receival site for Cooperative Bulk Handling. In the ABS Census 2016 it had a population of 1,146.

The Pingelly Shire contains some of the richest and most diverse floral areas in the world, The main wildflower season is between August to December and peaks in September and October.

Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre (PRACC)

This recently built 5,470 sqm facility will be the location for the rally.

It was built for sporting, recreation, and cultural purposes and opened in January 2019.

The PRACC is a unique facility in the region equipped with a bar, bistro, indoor sports hall (Basketball, Netball, Badminton and Volleyball), synthetic tennis courts, 10 rink bowls green, sporting oval, gymnasium and multiple function and meeting rooms.

The PRACC’s Stringybark Bistro is named after the stringybark timber the was used in the construction of the building. The bistro provides a good selection of meals.

Local Attractions

The rally will provide the normal rally activities and if the Pingelly shire’s October festival gets the nod there should be plenty more to keep attendees busy. If not there are many attractions in the area that are short drives from the township and well-worth the visit, especially if the wildflowers put on their usual great show.