State Rally Newsletters

Rally Newsletters

  • No 1 Dec 2022
    • Introduction; Preliminary Schedule; Local Attractions
  • No 2 March 2023
  • No 3 August 2023
    • List of clubs attending, Saturday Night entertainment, Ukulele Player wanted, Triple C Cafe, Education Sessions, GAmes, Sunday Market.
  • No 4 September 2023
    • Van & Vehicle weighing service by Aussie Weigh, ACCWA Delegates meeting invite, Saturday Evening meal, PRACC Bar & Bistro, Referendum Voting reminder.
    • Selection form to nominate for ACCWA Delegates meeting, Pre-booking of Saturday evening buffet meal, Selection of Vane weighting service. Nominations can also be made by replying using a simple email stating the choices.
  • No 5 September 2023
    • Help needed, Bring small change note, Town diversion map, Bring and Buy Market, Triple C Cafe, Lawn bowls, Slot Car Racing, ACCWA Cup Horse race.
  • No 6 October 2023
    • Rally program overview, Raffle and Spot Cash Prizes, St John Ambulance First Aid Presentation, Pingelly Fire Service Fire Prevention and Action Presentation plus Fire Suppression Demonstration.